Geonor AS

Postboks 99 Røa
0701 Oslo

Grinidammen 10
1359 Eiksmarka

Telefon (sentralbord): +47 67 15 92 80

E-post: geonor@geonor.no
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Geotechnical Field Instrumentation

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Geonor AS

New Address

Geonor AS
Grini Næringspark 10 1361 Østerås, Norway
Tel. +47 67 15 92 80

Geonor manufactures and sells geotechnical, hydrological, meteorological and environmental equipment. We deliver quality through cost effective solutions based on our own and third party products. Geonor is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our main customers are government agencies and institutes, consultants, universities and colleges, contractors and system suppliers.

Since its establishment in 1957, Geonor has been a pioneer in the development of sensors for geotechnical and meteorological applications, geotechnical drilling rigs and geotechnical in-situ field equipment.

Our proven solutions are constantly developed by combining the new sensors, wireless communications and Internet-based solutions.

An increasing number of road and rail projects leading to greater need for site investigations and monitoring of soil conditions and structures. We already deliver a wide range of instrumental solutions for the monitoring of natural forces that threaten society's infrastructure. Climate change and more extreme weather increase the need for automated monitoring and additional measuring points.


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ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 9001 certificate