Geonor AS

Postboks 99 Røa
0701 Oslo

Grinidammen 10
1359 Eiksmarka

Telefon (sentralbord): +47 67 15 92 80

E-post: geonor@geonor.no
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Geonor supplies cables, specifically designed for geotechnical purposes. The cables are available in two versions. Cable glands and extension sets are available for both types of cables.

Armourd special cable 2-pairs FERE

P-430 is a steel reinforced 2-pair cable. It is specially designed to withstand high loads in terms of tension and compression and is protected against water ingress, in case of damaged jacket.

Geonor cable

Standard 1-pair standard. Standard version P-540 is a ventilated 1-pair cable with shield and intended for use where the cable is not exposed to large mechanical stresses.