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Telefon (sentralbord): +47 67 15 92 80

E-post: geonor@geonor.no
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Geotechnical Field Instrumentation

Geonor pioneered the development and production of geotechnical field instrumentation based on vibrating wire technology. Technical improvements have made the vibrating wire sensor the most reliable instrument for measuring pressure, load, stress and strain in motorways, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, embankments, and other civil engineering structures.


Geonors electrical piezometers are based on the vibrating wire principle. More than 45 years of experience have shown stability on a long term basis. They can be supplied either for push-in penetration in soft or loose soils or for immersion/burial.

Hydraulic piezometer

The piezometer can be pressed down without pre-drilling, normally until approximately 30 m depth. Intended for Ø32 mm extension tube. Adapters to 1" water pipe can be delivered.


Geonor supplies cables, specifically designed for geotechnical purposes. The cables are available in two versions. Cable glands and extension sets are available for both types of cables.


Geonor can supply a readout unit (frequency counter) for our VW sensors. We also produce an interface device to be placed in between our sensors and existing logging systems or computer equipment.