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Geonors electrical piezometers are based on the vibrating wire principle. More than 45 years of experience have shown stability on a long term basis. They can be supplied either for push-in penetration in soft or loose soils or for immersion/burial.

Both types can be supplied with both armoured cable (FERE) or with our standard ventilated cable. When using armoured cable, the sensor will be marked with an "A" behind the version name, thus “M-600A“ is designed for FERE cable and “M-600” is designed for standard cable.

The piezometer can additionally be equipped with temperature sensor. The choice of a standard cable has the advantage that the piezometer can be delivered "open" and that atmospheric pressure changes will automatically be compensated. The piezometer has the same diameter as the extension tube for eliminating the risk of leakage along the drill string.

M-600 series of "push-in"

  • For direct push-in penetration use without pre-drilling.
  • Quick installation in soft and loose soils.
  • Short response time.
  • Accuracy better than ± 0.5% FS.
  • Pressure range 2 to 30 bar.

pdfGeonor M-600.pdf

M-610 series "embedment"

  • Designed for direct mounting.
  • Suitable for use in dams, landfills, environmental wells or similar.
  • Housing of stainless steel, other materials such as titanium are available on request.
  • Measuring range 2 to 30 bar.

pdfGeonor M-610.pdf

M-206 hydraulic piezometer

The piezometer can be pressed down without pre-drilling, normally until approximately 30 m depth. Intended for Ø32 mm extension tube. Adapters to 1" water pipe can be delivered.

  • Easy to install.
  • Simple and robust design.
  • For measurement of groundwater level and pore pressure.
  • Push-inn penetration without pre-drilling.
  • Supplied with bronze filter.
  • Read by using a specially designed water-level gauge.

M-603 open "push in"

M-603 is a special version of M-600 which is open to the atmosphere and equipped with a rubber membrane above the pressure membrane. Compressed air assistance provides a back pressure in order to relieve the pressure membrane. This will balance the back pressure during push-in penetration and the piezometer will be pressed down more quickly. Back pressure can also be used to relieve the membrane for reading the zero point frequency. Available only for standard cable and at a maximum of 6 bar.

  • Can be used directly without pre-drilling.
  • Quick installation in soft and loose soils.
  • Short response time.
  • For 0-point control.
  • Accuracy better than 0.5% of full scale.
  • Measuring range 2 to maximum 6 bar.